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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oCFIX::AcceptorBase for classes which act as an acceptor for incoming connections
oCFIX::ApplicationThis interface must be implemented to define what your FIX application does
oCFIX::atomic_countAtomic count class - consider using interlocked functions
oCFIX::BoolConvertorConverts boolean to/from a string
oCFIX::CharConvertorConverts character to/from a string
oCFIX::CheckSumConvertorConverts checksum to/from a string
oCFIX::DatabaseConnectionPool< T >
oCFIX::DataDictionaryRepresents a data dictionary for a version of FIX
oCFIX::DataDictionaryProviderQueries for DataDictionary based on appropriate version of FIX
oCFIX::DateTimeDate and Time stored as a Julian day number and number of milliseconds since midnight
oCFIX::DictionaryFor storage and retrieval of key/value pairs
oCFIX::DOMAttributesInterface that represents attribute from underlying XML parser
oCFIX::DOMDocumentInterface that represents document of underlying XML parser
oCFIX::DOMNodeInterface that represents node from underlying XML parser
oCFIX::DoubleConvertorConverts double to/from a string
oCFIX::EmptyConvertorEmpty converter is a no-op
oCFIX::EventPortable implementation of an event/conditional mutex
oCFIX::FieldBaseBase representation of all Field classes
oCFIX::FieldMapStores and organizes a collection of Fields
oCFIX::group_orderSorts fields in correct group order
oCFIX::header_orderSorts fields in correct header order
oCFIX::HttpConnectionEncapsulates a HTTP socket file descriptor
oCFIX::HttpMessageHTTP Message that implemented GET functionality
oCFIX::HttpParserParses HTTP messages off an input stream
oCFIX::InitiatorBase for classes which act as an initiator for establishing connections
oCFIX::IntConvertorConverts integer to/from a string
oCFIX::LockerLocks/Unlocks a mutex using RAII
oCFIX::LogThis interface must be implemented to log messages and events
oCFIX::LogFactoryThis interface must be implemented to create a Log
oCFIX::message_orderSorts fields in header, normal, or trailer order
oCFIX::MessageStoreThis interface must be implemented to store and retrieve messages and sequence numbers
oCFIX::MessageStoreFactoryThis interface must be implemented to create a MessageStore
oCFIX::MutexPortable implementation of a mutex
oCFIX::ParserParses FIX messages off an input stream
oCFIX::Queue< T >A thread safe monitored queue
oCFIX::ResponderInterface implements sending on and disconnecting a transport
oCFIX::ReverseLockerDoes the opposite of the Locker to ensure mutex ends up in a locked state
oCFIX::SessionMaintains the state and implements the logic of a FIX session
oCFIX::SessionFactoryResponsible for creating Session objects
oCFIX::SessionIDUnique session id consists of BeginString, SenderCompID and TargetCompID
oCFIX::SessionSettingsContainer for setting dictionaries mapped to sessions
oCFIX::SettingsInternal representation of QuickFIX configuration settings
oCFIX::shared_array< T >Shared array with atomic reference count
oCFIX::shared_array< int >
oCFIX::SocketConnectorConnects sockets to remote ports and addresses
oCFIX::SocketInfoInformation about listening socket
oCFIX::SocketMonitorMonitors events on a collection of sockets
oCFIX::SocketServerListens for and accepts incoming socket connections on a port
oCFIX::TimeRangeKeeps track of when session is active
oCFIX::trailer_orderSorts fields in correct trailer order
oCFIX::UtcDateConvertorConverts a UtcDate to/from a string
oCFIX::UtcTimeOnlyConvertorConverts a UtcTimeOnly to/from a string
\CFIX::UtcTimeStampConvertorConverts a UtcTimeStamp to/from a string

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